Wednesday, June 10, 2015



From my Ivory Tower
So high up in the sky
I see the world so differently
As the days go marching by

Here in my Ivory Tower
No one can see me cry
I'm the master of my destiny
I think, I plan and I try

Up in my Ivory Tower
Where the sun meets the sky
I don't need any steps to climb
When I have the wings to fly

Outside my Ivory Tower
Teal Dragonflies flutter by
Like a magical patterned backdrop
Against the orange sky

Inside my Ivory Tower
I paint with an Artistic Eye
Imagination is King and I the Queen
A pawn that did not die

~Roopa Dudley~

Sunday, June 7, 2015



The idea came to me as I was listening to Alan Bamberger's Interview about what it means to have a career verses an overnight success as an Artist. Alan Bamberger is a well known and highly respected Art Consultant based in San Francisco Bay area in California. The interview that was taken in 2011 stared with the analogy of 'a one night stand' and 'overnight success'. 

The wheels inside my head started to turn after hearing that analogy and resulted in this painting. As a language translator, I find idioms and metaphors fascinating. How we give malignant meaning to benign subjects using abstract concepts. English is one of the richest and hardest languages of the world so analogies and phrases always keep my mind exploding with ideas, possibilities and never ending excitement. Yes, I am a nerd and very proud to be one. No mystery here.

As usual, my paintings are full of symbolism. Snake Eyes on dice alluding to another affair gone sour, Snowflakes motif on the wall for another cold night, Cherries depicting temptations of life and loss of innocence, Red Rose another reminder of the fragility and brevity of youth. The obvious one is the clock reminding us that another day wasted chasing after an illusion what could have been better spent being with someone worthwhile. 

The original painting is sold to Letty Triana of South Florida. She loved the concept and the title of this acrylic bejeweled painting. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Paige is my friend who I can confide in, share my joy, success and sorrow with. She is God sent gift to me as far as I am concerned. She has supported me as an artist and continues to do so. Paige is my American Girl doll that I never had growing up come to think of it. I love her with all my heart.

Her birthday falls on June 8th therefore the clock is pointing to 6 and 8. She is fond of American Girl dolls. Fond is an under statement. She is obsessed with them and has bought several of them for her grand-daughter Isabel. She also enjoys green tea, gardening and chess paintings (painted of course by me). So that is the reason I have those details to celebrate her life. 

The Black Widow is an eerie reminder that unexpected issues have, can and will arise at any given point of our lives and that despite the trouble we persevere and continue to carry on. She was bitten by the spider last year and was hospitalized for days. Time has healed her but that horror remains. 

This painting is a Birthday gift for Paige. Prints are available on my website (under 'Donated Works') if you like. For 2015 year I have decided to create hand made gifts -- paintings and jewelry for my friends who mean a world to me and have stuck by me through thick and thin. I want to honor them and let them know how special they are to me.

Monday, June 1, 2015


LIFE GOES ON by Roopa Dudley 2015

I am coming from a place where there was no beginning, and I am going to a place where there is no end. Meanwhile I am here on Earth enjoying my life as an artist with unlimited imagination and sharing my gift. I am totally in awe with the one who has created me and all the universes and the dimensions some that are visible and most that are not. Nevertheless we know that they exist even when we cannot see -- like all the best things in life.

"Tis all Checkerboard of Nights & Days
Where Destiny With men For Pieces Plays:
Hither & thither moves and mates and stays,
And one by one back in the closet lays."
~Omar Khayyam~
Translated by Edward FitzGerald.

Sunday, May 31, 2015



I composed this poem after I came across this strange word "Quaintrelle". I was intrigued, delighted and tickled pink when I googled the definition (below). So I composed a poem (I don't consider myself to be a poet but a painter so please do keep that in mind when reading the poem).

"Quaintrelle": A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm and cultivation of life's pleasure.

There lived a lady that you may know
Whose name I cannot tell
She lived a life most dream about
So I call her Quaintrelle

She loved to indulge in lavish style
Much like a Southern Belle
With a lust for life and an untamed heart
Like a glamorous Quaintrelle

She liked to paint and she liked to dance
And could speak four languages well
She liked to cook in wine and dine
In the style of Quaintrelle

She had nerves of steel and a heart of gold
Killer looks that made men swell
She lived for love, for chess and art
An amorous Quaintrelle!

~Poem by Roopa Dudley~


CHESS-NUT PARADISE by Roopa Dudley 2015
Spring and Autumn are my two favorite seasons. As mentioned before, I do not consider myself to be en plein air artist, however, lately I have been enjoying painting a lot of imaginary landscapes or "Dreamscapes" and even won a special recognition award on my "Chess-Nut Swamp" (I blogged about earlier). 

This Dreamscape however is different than the others that I painted for a couple of reasons. First being that it is painted in vivid colors unlike the others. Secondly, I actually had a spiritual dream about it -- A path of redemption through Fortitude (Rook), Faith (Bishop) and Forgiveness (King). How these three virtues work together to deliver us from vices like Impatience, Doubt and Vengeance. Once we overcome these vices, we see, feel and hear our purpose in life clearly. I usually don't remember my dreams but this one I did as I woke up and wrote down everything in my sketch book that I keep close to me on my night stand. 

As I was painting this painting about a month ago, my 11 year old daughter who did not know anything about my dream asked me "Is this PSALM 23 that you are painting?" I knew it right away that what I felt and saw in my dream obviously had an impact even on a child who may not be spiritually aware of the workings of this universe. That question stayed with me along with my original vision and the inspiration of both helped me deliver what you see here before you.

Despite of having this epiphany and knowledge as to what the path of redemption is, I still struggle with Forgiveness. I am thankful however to acknowledge this as that is the first step towards overcoming any vice. By consciously working at our weaknesses (one at a time) is the only way to overcome and change what keeps us away from having a closer relationship with God. If it was all that easy, we would all have been angels instead of human beings. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015


RED ROOK GARDEN by Roopa Dudley

I wanted to create my own little "Secret Garden" based on Chess Theme (of course) for my Townhouse Patio. I also wanted it to have a Tropical Paradise slash Rain Forest type look and feel to it. This is what I came up with. A huge Bird Bath Fountain in the shape of a Rook and Pawn Shaped Planters. 

I am not an outdoorsy type person so the garden has to be really beautiful and appealing for me to leave the creature comforts of my cozy home to actually enjoy some fresh air. I can most definitely see myself out there enjoying hard apple cider, contemplating life as the bees buzz, butterflies dance about from flower to flower and birds chirp their sweet melody. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


MATTHEW 6:33 by Roopa Dudley

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

When I started painting Chess Themed Paintings back in 2011, I had no idea exactly where this will be leading me to. It just felt right so I continued. Now five years later, an epiphany. It all seems clear as daylight to me that all this time I have been preparing for will be to serve a much higher purpose that I have been totally oblivious to.

In our society here in USA, Artists are often perceived as free spirited eccentrics and somewhat hedonistic self serving defiant scoundrels willing to tear down sacred traditions and break down morality expected by society. Maybe there is some truth to that stereotype. It is quite possible. Who knows? However, there is seldom if any mention of those artists who are spiritual or God oriented. I get a feeling that God is not in fashion especially in the art world unless it is somehow in a derogatory way like the "Piss Christ".

Well, I am here to break away from that myth (hey, I am an artist after all right?) at least when it comes to me. In 2005 I embraced Christ as my savior and my life has changed for the best ever since. I am still an open minded person, a sinner and an artist I confess, but my heart is full of love and joy that I never knew existed. I am not ashamed of living a God centered life. There is no other way I can logically explain how everything that I have ever wanted and desired has been given to me. My reason for writing this blog is not to preach but to express the reason why I created this painting. The story and the source behind my inspiration and why I picked MATTHEW 6:33 as a title for this painting.

Having God in my life has changed me in many ways. The proud person I once was is now humbled with gratitude and love. The only way I can even come close to showing how I feel is through my art. I have had people sending me messages on facebook that they have looked up the titles I have given to some of my paintings in order to find the meaning and gain some insight. I mean how awesome is that? As for the skeptics -- well, they will always find a way to demean and scrutinize something profound and beautiful that is a given. Take a good look at the art around us. Most of it is repulsive to look at. People are searching for something that can uplift their broken spirits and there is not much that is satisfying that hunger. Artists are afraid to make something beautiful and meaningful because they fear that they will not be taken seriously. I believe most have lost in touch with being authentic period and that is most tragic.

I am looking forward to connect with the few kindred spirits out there who may be struggling with their faith. There are some who want to believe in something and are patiently waiting for a sign of some sort. I am hoping that if I can reach out and touch just one person and fill their life up with meaning and joy through my art than I have fulfilled my purpose as an artist here on earth.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


EPICUREAN VORTEX 2014 by Roopa Dudley
Everything inspires me. The earth, the space, the ocean, my art collectors, my friends, the weather, philosophy, mathematics, science, physics, astronomy, foreign languages, books, movies, music, plants, children, toys -- you get the picture. I have never suffered a creative block. As a matter of fact, I cannot even relate to that concept.

I usually try to keep things positive and sunny by painting that which is uplifting than that which gives me the blues. Sometimes however, I do paint things that bring me emotional upheaval but that is only to perform exorcism on myself so that I can detox my mind and open it for more positive experiences. 

This bejeweled painting here is a metaphoric view of the viewer of my art. Once hooked in what I create then like in the story 'Alice in Wonderland' how she fell into the Rabbit hole, the viewer unwittingly falls into my Wormhole or what I call the Epicurean Vortex from where there is no escape and it usually has a delightful impact. At least that is what I would like to think as an artist.

So buckle up that seat-belt, take a deep breadth and enjoy the journey inside my brain. And if you like what you see -- remember to share it with your loved ones and leave me some comments!

Update: June 1st 2015.
This painting has won "Special Recognition Award" in Light Space Time Gallery Abstract Art Contest.

Friday, April 17, 2015


CHESS-NUT SWAMP 2015 by Roopa Dudley (Sold!)

This painting would have never existed had it not been for Lynette Nickle of OR. When I posted my other two paintings in this series earlier in Nibblefest Art Contest, she bid on both but right towards the end another art enthusiast snagged those literally out of her hands. This happened three time in a row by three different persons! It was unbelievable. But I firmly believe that God had a very different plan for us both as you are about to learn what happened next. 

So keeping all that in mind (the paintings she liked so much) I created this beautiful painting and contacted her. I took a leap of faith because it just felt right. I told her that I was aware of the situation and that if she liked this painting (since it was similar to what she has liked before) then I was willing to make a direct sale to her. She happily agreed. I shipped the painting. She loved it and now I not only gained an art collector but a friend. I say a friend because we are in regular contact with each other.

The moral of this story is that we as artists are suppose to be the 'visionaries'. But instead we are extremely short sighted if not outright blind when it comes to conducting business and forging relationships. Artists should try to make every effort to get themselves out of their comfort zone and take a proactive approach. I am neither advocating aggressive marketing nor pressure sales here. I am however strongly suggesting what Seth Godin coined the term 'Permission Marketing'. 

I did not contact Lynette so that I can make a profit from her vulnerability -- I genuinely felt bad at what I saw happened and decided to do something about it. I am certain that she was as surprised by my radical behavior as I was but I am after all an artist so thinking out of the box has never been a problem for me before either.  Ask yourself what you would have done in this situation? For most artists, this obvious option may not have even existed. Taking that initiative and making that contact is all it took and now I have a collector who loves my art and a friend for life. 

In conclusion, next time if someone who you know loves your art but is hesitant to make a purchase, try to find out how you as an artist can help out. Don't just sit there hoping for a miracle to happen. Communicate. Find a common ground. Reach out and touch someone. Delight them. Build relationships.  Keep in mind always that YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR PAINTINGS TO YOUR GRAVE. Let someone who appreciates it have it and enjoy it. Believe in the magic and the goodness of life.

As for me, I am still not done with this series. I am working on two more at the moment and perhaps a few more in the future. So what do you think?

On May 5th, this painting won 'Special Recognition Award' on Light Space Time's Landscape Art Competition! Click on the *link provided and you can see it among many beautiful landscapes that also won awards. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


CHESS-NUT FOREST @ DUSK 2014 by Roopa Dudley (Sold!)
Idiom: 'Unable to see Forest for the Trees'.
Idiom: 'Unable To See A Forest For The Trees'.

Not only am I able to see a forest for the trees -- I painted it so others can see it too! Literally. No?

Okay, so yes English is such a rich, full of idioms and metaphors language that I just cannot help myself from sharing the joy that I get when I come across something like this. Perhaps that is why my paintings keep on being featured and published in Art & Literature Magazines? I wonder. Speaking of which, this very painting has just been published inside VINE LEAVES LITERARY JOURNAL issue 14th along with two more of my Robot paintings (Chess-Mate & Help-Mate) which I will be blogging about later.

Roopa Dudley along with other Maryland Fine Artists belonging to Maryland Federation Of Art 2014 during 'Art Of The Forest Exhibit'

So this was the painting that I submitted for 'Art Of The Forest' exhibit which was held in West Annapolis Art Works & Framing (Gallery). It was not sold there but a few months later in the  (Black & White) Nibblefest Art Contest.

As mentioned before, this has been my most popular series so far. It would be nice to hear from the collector or potential collectors what makes them so excited about this series? Was it the colors, the moon or the concept?  Perhaps it was the Owl! I have no idea. What do you think? All I know is that this series which started out as a Tree, turned into a Forest and then became a Swamp and nobody seems to get enough of this. A series that should have never existed had it not been the gallery owner's nudge is what that will go down in the history lane!

The lucky winner Madame Kristina Cooke who won this baby lives in Baltimore, MD. The winner who did not win it, ended up with even a bigger and glorious painting 'The Chess-Nut Swamp' that I will be blogging about in my next post. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


CHESS-NUT TREE by Roopa Dudley (Sold!)

This was my first small scale concept painting of a Chess-Nut Tree. There was an upcoming art exhibit and the gallery owner asked all the local artists to turn in their artwork depicting 'Trees'. Before this painting, I don't recall ever painting trees. Since we had a few weeks before the show was put up, I decided to give it a shot just to challenge myself and see what happens.

I am not an en plein air artist and have never had an interest painting landscapes or other such scenes found in our natural world. So the only thing that popped in my head was this image. 

Soon the idea became clear and I created my next painting "Chess-Nut Forest" that you will see in my next blog. That was the painting I ended up turning in for the art exhibit. 

The lesson I learnt from this experience was that just because we have never planned on or thought about doing something before due to lack of interest in the subject, tackling a challenge with a curious imaginative eye and an open mind can turn any mundane experience into a fantastical adventure. This particular series became my best seller. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


CHESS-KNIGHT MARTINI (FOR 007) 2001 by Roopa Dudley (Sold!)

My husband is a huge fan of Astronomy. I like it too. I wanted to paint something celestial for a change. My husband also loves Martini...the dirty kind with Oilves. I cannot stand it. Way too bitter in taste for me. Hard Apple Cider is as far as I go when it comes to alcohol. 

So just out of sheer fun of combining the celestial bodies with Martini I created this painting. It is the first in my series of Alcoholic Drinks. This drink is fit for Bond - James Bond "Shaken NOT Stirred".

A close friend of mine who lives in Severna Park, MD who always preferred Impressionistic Style Paintings - fell absolutely in love with this one and bought it along with two more in this series. She got it framed and now it is beautifully displayed in her Game Room in the Basement. How awesome is that? Can you imagine hanging something like this in your Game Room?

I have also noticed that most of my friends have a Love-Hate relationship with my Art. Most don't like my obsession with Chess-Pieces in my Paintings. The others don't like the Gears Of Time in my new Steampunk inspired paintings. The sad thing about Obsession is that it is something you cannot just walk away from. We have Alcohol Addicts, Sex Addicts, Drug Addicts, TV Addicts, Computer Addicts and I happen to be a Chess Addict. There is no cure but to continue producing works of Art that are meaningful to me. The key is finding people who would appreciate Chess as much as I do. All in God's Time.



I painted this painting as a tribute to one of the most successful American female entrepreneur Estee Lauder who put USA on the perfume map. She was a remarkable woman who revolutionized the American culture by introducing an expensive smelling perfume oil with an affordable price tag that any American woman can afford - even to this day. It is a five star classic, still popular and in the same caliber of other loud church smelling perfumes like Poison, Samsara and Coco. In other words it smells pretty darn good.

What I like most about this product is that it comes in a concentrated oil form that is wonderful but intense to smell with complex spicy notes and has a lasting power.  My husband and my girls love it and to me, that is all that really matters.

Monday, April 13, 2015


ROXANNE'S ROOM 2014 by Roopa Dudley (Sold!)

Red has been my favorite color for over 40 years so when an opportunity showed up in October 2014 to create something with color RED for the theme RED in ArtAscent Art & Literature Magazine (Online and Inprint) -- I obviously did not hesitate to participate. 

I decided to pour everything I have ever known liked and encountered with color Red. I thought of the books, movies, songs, poems and fruit whatever 'popped' into my head and composed this painting. It was really fun in a way because of the literary aspects as well as exposing all the things that have shaped me into who I am - as an artist, as a woman and as a nerd. Obviously the song 'Roxanne' by The Police (Sting) was playing like a broken record till I completed the painting along with the newer version from Moulin Rouge movie 'El Tango De Roxanne' was actually what got my heart pumping. Have you heard it? It is unbelievably passionate! 

What is noteworthy here is the country where I am coming from (born and raised that is) - Pakistan (Indian Parents), innocent girls who get rapped by strangers or their fathers or brothers or cousins etc are usually killed by their family members for bringing dishonor and shame. Some even get hanged from the Mango trees (2 teenage girls last year). So it is awe inspiring for me to see a man -- a good man with a a gentle disposition falling in love with a harlot and not only accepting her despite her checkered past but loving her in a manner that most women can only dream about. 

The magazine ArtAscent finally came out in December 2014 and I was awarded a 'Distinguished Artist Award' (below). The painting was sold to Lynette Nickle of OR during Nibblefest Art Contest (above) and I was one of the two other artists who made it to 3rd place! Now that is what I call 'Provenance'. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


HOUSE-MATE Diptych (TEAM-MATE) by Roopa Dudley

In Christianity, we are suppose to "love thy enemy". We all know much easier that is said than done. I mean after all, how can we fight against our survival instinct? It is one of the most draining experiences that we have to reckon with. Below, I have presented some arguments as to why it is necessary to have adversary.

1. It gives a ying to yang. (Importance of coexistence)
2. It gives us a choice. (Teaches us right from wrong)
3. It brings out the best in us. (Self improvement - competition)
4. It gives us a purpose. (Eye of the tiger - survival of the fittest)
5. It keeps things in balance. (Checkered board)
6. It gives us two sides of the same story. (Coin).
7. It teaches us respect for those who hold an opposite opinion. (Democrats vs. Republicans)

In this painting I am using the abstract meaning of the word 'house'. The two chess pieces of the same kind but in different teams yet belonging to the house of chess. Our Brain houses two adversaries each bestowed with  its own special skills. When both are combined together it makes us who we are - a whole. Similarly, the world houses both good and bad people hence the famous quote "one country's terrorist is another's freedom fighter".

I understand this completely, yet I struggle with it everyday...perhaps it is in my nature to alter reality somehow and want to find ways in which both can work together and are conducive to society.

Monday, July 21, 2014



From my Ivory Tower
So high up in the sky
I see the world so differently
As the days go marching by

Here in my Ivory Tower
No one can see me cry
I'm the master of my destiny
I think, I plan and I try

Up in my Ivory Tower
Where the sun meets the sky
I don't need any steps to climb
When I have the wings to fly

Outside my Ivory Tower
Pink Butterflies flutter by
Like a magical patterned backdrop
Against the cerulean sky

Inside my Ivory Tower
I paint with an Artistic Eye
Imagination is King and I the Queen
A pawn that did not die
                                                                                                   ~Roopa Dudley~

Saturday, June 21, 2014



I learnt a lot from Frida Kahlo's Art, her Life and her Philosophy. She has influenced me in many ways along with other Artists like M.C Esher, Rene Magritte, Tamara de Lempicka, Georgia O'Kieffe and Paul Gaugain. I have deep respect for their work, their unique style and their Genius. I also learnt from them that life feels incomplete unless we also have a family life to keep balance. I feel blessed to have two healthy girls and a loving husband to share my life with. Having a family keeps me focused in my work as I have a balanced life. Motherhood has given me such deep joy and satisfaction that I needed to thrive as an Artist. 

I believe in this aspect alone (having a devoted and a loving husband and children) I have surpassed Frida, for I have picked up from where she left off. I painted this painting of Frida Kahlo in 2005 as a tribute to her, her influence in my work and to remember the similarities we both share as Artists.

Another interesting fact worth pointing out that following people also share my July 6th Birthday: Nancy Regan, George W.Bush, Marc Chagall, Geoffery Rush, Dalai Lama, Sly Stallone and Fifty Cents! How about that? Strange coincidence or is it my destiny to achieve the world fame?  --- Only time will tell.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

MY SECRET REFUGE (Hermit Castle/House)

MY SECRET REFUGE 10"x 8" Acrylic on Canvas Board 2011 by Roopa Dudley

I love warm and dry weather. The idea of quite time and solitude seems like a dream come true. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and my friends and having them around me too. It is just that I do like to be left alone to contemplate and create from time to time. I have had a busy life as a mother of two little girls for the past 10 years. When I day dream from time to time, I teleport myself to this Sanctuary where I feel relaxed and cozy - free of all the worldly worries, horrific news, family responsibilities and noise. An awesome scenic place to charge up my batteries in perfect solitude. The reality is that I cannot separate myself from my family even if they are okay with the notion of me be gone for a few days. The thought of being away from my husband is totally horrifying. My girls are always on me or around me so I miss them even when I am gone for a couple hours to Barnes & Nobles for crying out loud. So yes, the idea therefore is more like a Fantasy. 

On the rooftop of my Castle, I have grown my own vegetable Garden to keep me sustained through the time I spend there. In the background the mountains look so serene and the Patio looks so inviting to have a chair and table out to have picnic and perhaps a table easel to Paint. It kind of looks like a Castle made for a Hermit in the middle of nowhere. In reality it would be hard to imagine living in a rather tiny place without a window. However, if there are some sky lights, it would be a perfect place for an Artist's Studio, a Meditation Room or even An Observatory. Perhaps all three of them! What do you think?

This painting has won "Honorable Mention Award" in ArtAscent Art & Literature Magazine (Feb 2014) volume 5 HOME issue. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014


MY FANTASTIC SOLITARY CHILDHOOD  24"x 18" Acrylic on Canvas Board 2011 by Roopa Dudley

I grew up in the outskirts of Karachi, Pakistan. It was right at the border of Baluchistan Province which is mainly a desert with huge Rocky Mountains.  The weather there is similar to that of Arizona. Hot and Dry. I lived in a valley opulent with Mango Groves and surrounded by huge Rocky Mountains. 

There was never a dull moment in my life as a kid. I was the youngest of the three my parents had so I spent a lot of time by myself and encountered many adventures growing up. I was often left behind to play by myself because I was so much younger then them. I remember embarking on those Rockies all by myself and having a sweet little picnic almost every week. In my imagination I often found myself fantasizing about carousels. I don't remember where I saw it or perhaps read about it in a story book but that was one of my favorite fantasies as a little girl. 

I had an amazing childhood and I wanted to commemorate that feeling in a painting. As you can see for miles and miles not a soul to befriend or play with but that did not deter me from having a jolly good time being on my imaginary Carousel...and what an amazing Carousel it was. It was right there in my enchanting Chess-Wonderland. I had so much fun without getting into any trouble in my Chess-Wonderland.  

This painting was selected by the jury for an Art Exhibit at Laurel, MD on March 2012 - April 2012 in Montpelier Art Center.

Monday, April 28, 2014


DEFLOWERED CHERRY VASE 24"x 18" Acrylic on Canvas Board 2011 by Roopa Dudley

This painting deals with the subject involving complex emotions and regret experienced but seldom talked about once the virginity is gone along with the relationship with "Somebody that I used to know" (as the song by Gotye goes). How over time a person becomes just like one of the many faceless and nameless nobody. If we had the power to turn back time, would we do certain things as such differently? I know I would. 

The message can be applied to any young girl or boy. However, I want to leave this specifically for my two daughters who are blossoming into women. I am hoping to stay in their life till they are all grown up, but I know that life is anything but predictable. For that reason, I want to leave this behind for them just in case:

Please be careful and haste not. Don't become just a notch on someone unworthy persons belt. Don't become a victim and don't become a faceless nobody. God has given you this body. Treat it like a temple and take good care of it. Life is too short and let this not be a regret. I am not advocating to stay a virgin before you are married. All I am trying to relay is to use your discretion and sound judgement before getting intimate with someone. All is fair in Love and that should be the ONLY reason to get intimately involved with someone. Relationships do break sometimes, and that is alright. What is not alright is to get intimate without having emotional intimacy first. There is a huge price for it. A life time of regret and this is the voice of experience speaking to you. When I was growing up nobody explained it to me that love and intimacy goes together in a romantic relationship. But here I am, I am letting you know this and I hope it gets through to you.

A person capable of self-respect is the person capable of having deep love, regard, respect and intimacy with his/her partner. One does not have to go through life making bad choices and become wise by learning from their own mistakes.

I found a lovely poem on the internet called "When I Was One-In-Twenty" by A.E. Houseman that I remember my father introducing me to it years ago when I was a new teenager. I hope you like it. Here is the link:

Saturday, April 26, 2014


CHESS-BISHOP SANGRIA 24x18" Acrylic on Canvas Board 2012 by Roopa Dudley (SOLD)

This is my 2nd Alcoholic Beverage Painting in the Series. 
I often use symbolism in my paintings. I created *CHESS-KNIGHT MARTINI* in 2011, and last year I decided to 
continue that thought with  one of my favorite drinks of 
Spring - Sangria.  This painting is perfect for a Game Room or behind a Wine Bar.

This painting was sold to Ms. Dunkerly of MD during my 
annual Open Studio STEAMPUNK Exhibit 2013.

*Chess-Knight Martini*:

Friday, April 11, 2014


SHOWING REMORSE & MAKING AMENDS 12"x 9" Acrylic on Canvas Board
2011 by Roopa Dudley (SOLD)

We can now go ahead and add to our calendars this very important and much needed day: Forgiveness Day - August 15th.  A day to ask for forgiveness from all the people we have offended and bury the hatchet. It is time to seek mercy and be merciful to those who are trying to show remorse for their wrong doings. Let us make a list and do it!

I am surprised to see that we have all kinds of days to celebrate and we have none to celebrate forgiveness. To make amends and take responsibility for our ugly behavior. What do you say?

Sunday, April 6, 2014


TEA FOR YOU & ME 24"x 18" Acrylic on Canvas Board 2012 by Roopa Dudley (SOLD)

I wanted to create an imaginary Chess themed Tea Set and wanted to play with Complimentary and Primary Colors and the symbolic references that I simply cannot do without.

Motherhood is one of the most amazing experiences and a state of being for a lot of women including myself. For some it is probably the single most important mission on earth. The question then becomes "What triggers it in this day an age and why?"

Starting from the top the Gears symbolize the female reproductive organs alluding to biological clock.  A time to find that special partner who is perfect for you to procreate with before it is too late. I am obsessed with Time and have been obsessed with it since I was 13 years old.

Having good times sharing a cup of Tea and exchanging passionate discussions with your beloved who enriches your life in every way you can imagine is what most of us crave in an ultimate relationship. The plant foliage here signifies that everything that is good and lasting requires a lot of TLC and proper cultivation. The Knights here signify the uncertainty of nature and circumstances. Flowers signify that beauty and youth that does not last forever and thus referring back to Time as an essence.

Bottom line: Time to take care and to cultivate relationships, Time to make love and to procreate, Time to enjoy life and making hay while the sun shines and Time to rejoice and enjoy the fruits of your labor. All starting out from pouring out some TEA for You and Me and feeling the LOVE.